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This plan is for you who stay in Hanare Ninoumi to become friends through walking around the town with guides living locally as part of the trip. If you are interested in trying to talk a little bit with the people you will only encounter on your journey,  we are waiting for your application.The guide is also looking forward to seeing you.

​Fee 3500 yen. (Maximum of 5 people per group)

Duration approx. 90min.

Departure (10: 00-) → Seirinji temple→ Soukenji temple → Shoumyouji temple → Koseshinsui Park → Ouchiyamainari shrine → Namba Soy Sauce brewery (※closed on Sundays) → Tanzan Japanese Sake brewery  → Kosejizodo temple → Kyomachitenmangu Shrine → Hatagocho Street → Hokke Temple / Jyusenin temple/ Honmonji temple → Honmachi Cafe (※ closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays) → Tamba Kameyama Castle Ruin  (Around 11:30)

※Depending on the situation of the day, the course may be changed.
※On the day, if the facility was a holiday, we can not visit.

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