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The "MEAL-English" page is in the process of being updated and is not up-to-date.
For the latest catering information, please visit the "MEAL-Japanease" page.

Catering Meals at Hanare Ninoumi

Guests can order catering meals. They are all from the restaurants in Kameoka and specially arranged for Hanare Ninoumi.

Current plans prepared are as followings.


※ The plan you order will be in a form that will be unified into one plan within the group of accommodation.

Some plans cannot be provided depending on the days and seasons.

Please inquire when you make a reservation.


The restaurant, Miyabi, provides "Kaiseki" dishes, Japanese traditional course, using local ingredients sensitively selected by the chef, Mr. Koji Nishida in Kameoka.  Those dishes have the specialities of Kameoka, such as "Chikara vegetables" and "Kinuhikari rice", which can not be tasted quite elsewhere.  Also, please enjoy the beauty of the lacquerware specially arranged for Hanare Ninoumi.

※ Lacquerware is for Dinner course "HANA" only.

※ The content changes according to the seasonal and seasonal ingredients.


Dinner course "HANA" 

\6,600-(including tax) / 1 person


Dinner course "TSUKI" 

\4,950-(including tax) / 1 person


Kameoka's caterer, Yaosute, provides original menu for Hanare Ninoumi.  Please taste the ingredients of the season and enjoy Kyoto style cuisines that the chef entertains you with.


※ The content changes according to the seasonal and seasonal ingredients.

※ Need to be ordered for 2 or more people


Dinner set A 

\4,400-(including tax) / 1 person


Dinner set B 

\3,300-(including tax) / 1 person

Cucina Trasqua

Kameoka/Tamba × Italian cuisine

Please enjoy Italian cuisine dinner course using wonderful ingredients from local Kameoka / Tamba, discerning farmers and producers.
We offer a special menu of  "Hanare"Ninoumi such as antipasto (hors d'oeuvres), salads, soups, stewed dishes, homemade breads with seasonal recommended ingredients.

Please enjoy Kameoka local deliciousness in Italian cuisine.

※ The content changes according to the seasonal ingredients.


Trasqua dinner course 

\4,400-(including tax) / 1 person

Coffeestand Blackie

Kameoka's coffee stand, Blackie offers toast set and sandwich set for breakfast.


Both of them will be served with Blackie's straight coffee, so please enjoy your breakfast comfortably.


Blackie mornig sandwich set 

\1,650-(including tax) / 1 person


Blackie mornig toast set 

\1,650-(including tax) / 1 person

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