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"Hanare Ninoumi" was maintained for the purpose of revitalizing the area while inheriting the castle town culture of Kameoka to future generations.

We hope that you will enjoy staying as a person participating in Kameoka's revitalization.

"Hanare Ninoumi" is a one-compartment property for guests to make their own stay, which is not available at hotels and ryokans. After check-in,   the accommodation wing is your space. Please spend your stay in Kameoka in your own style.

◎There are 3 accommodation buildings in total. It is separate from the entrance.
◎There is no curfew during your stay after check-in and you are free to go out. The hotel employs the number lock system
 (locking / unlocking by entering a number).
◎IH kitchen, basic cooking utensils are provided. If you can prepare food and seasonings yourself, you can cook yourself.
◎For those who wish to serve meals, we offer catering services.
 As it becomes advance reservation system, please inform us of your request in the comments when you make your reservation.
 We will reply after confirming the acceptability of the order to our affiliated restaurant from our facility.



◎Please check in from 15: 00-18: 00. If you wish to check in after 18:00, please inform the property at time of booking.                   If the check-in time is over and there is no notification, it may be treated as a non-night stay.
All rooms in the premises including the garden are completely non-smoking.
Our facility is in a residential area. Please refrain from acts that would bother the surrounding private houses.
◎Usage beyond the capacity is not legally acceptable.
◎Parking lot use is limited to 1 car per reservation. If the on-site parking is difficult depending on the usage conditions of the guests on the day,                  there is a possibility to park off-site. In addition, we can not take any responsibility on the accident, theft etc. in the parking lot.
◎OKYO and BAIGAN divide the townhouse which was originally 1 house, and have been remodeled as 2 buildings so that 2 groups can stay,                    so some rooms may not be completely soundproofed.
◎The fee for preschoolers is the regular fee if bedding is required.
◎Pets are not allowed.
◎Payment is by cash or credit card (VISA / MasterCard / American Express). Please pay at check-in.
◎Although every effort is made to clean up after lodging, in some cases there may be concerns about the living odor of the person who used before            (cooking odor, incense etc). Please note.

≪Customers staying overnight≫
◎For customers up to 2 nights, we usually do not exchange sheets or clean rooms.
◎Please contact us in advance if you would like to have your room cleaned for 3 nights or more. However, please be aware that we may not be able to      arrange for cleaning if you wish to have it cleaned before the first week of your stay.


≪Cancellation charge≫
Cancellation fee will be charged from the estimated staying date as follows.
   On the day 100%, on the previous day 75%, 2 days ago, 50%, 3 days ago 25%, 7 days ago 10%

Cancellation policy if you booked after May 1, 2020.

   On the day 100%, on the previous day 80%, 2 days ago, 75%, 3 days ago, 50%, 7 days ago 25%, 21 days ago 10%

≪Check in≫
1. Check-in possible time is from 15: 00-18: 00 (last arrival time). If you do not receive any information after 18:00 on the day of check-in,

    we will treat you as no-show, so please note that we can not accommodate check-in after that.
2. Guests should come to the office building along the street.There is a total of three parking lots (one for each building).
3. Since the staff will guide you to the accommodation room indoor, please check in the room and payment of the accommodation fee.

    Payment by cash or credit card is possible. (Corresponding credit card: VISA, Master, JCB, American Express)
4. When the explanation from the staff regarding the use of the facility is over, the check-in will be completed.



≪Check out≫
Please leave the room by 10 AM on the check out date.
You will leave the room after checking that there are no items left behind in the room and you can leave if you can confirm that the entrance's electronic lock (number auto lock) has been locked. In case of breakage etc. of the indoor facilities, staff will check the presence before

leaving the room so please have a call before checking out and be sure to offer that.



≪Nocturnal correspondence≫
We will inform you of the cell phone number of staff in charge at the time of check-in, so if you have any uncertain point or emergency

situation after check in, please contact us.

 Do you agree to the above matters and will you make a reservation?




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